Adoption Status: Adopted

Breed: Shih Tzu

Size: Small

Age: Adult

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $50 adoption fee plus $200 donation for a total fee of $250

Boris (littermate to Natasha) is a sweet and loving Shih Tzu. ADRATI first rescued Boris June 2009 and she was placed in a loving home with Natasha. Unfortunately, their Mom was in a car accident and due to long term injuries will no longer be able to care for them. Boris was born June 2008 and weighs approximately 14 pounds.

Whoever had them as puppies just used them for breeding. Natasha had just had a litter of puppies when we took them. They were turned in to an animal control south of Richmond. They were so matted we had to have them shaved down completely. They had never had any vetting. We had all of the vaccines done, had them heartworm tested, had them treated for parasites, and had them spayed/neutered. Boris also had retained puppy teethed removed and had rear dew claws removed. They were quite timid at first also as they had not been loved and cared for.

The couple who adopted them gave them great care, got their coats in great shape, kept up their vetting, and gave them love and attention. Their vetting was most recently done June 2011 and they are regularly groomed, are on heartworm and flea/tick preventative, and now know the love of a family.

They are in a foster home with a family who has 3 small breed dogs and are doing very well. They really enjoy walks.