Adoption Status: Adopted

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Size: Large

Age: Adult

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $50 adoption fee plus $100 donation for a total fee of $150

As of Sunday, February 5, 2012, Jamie is in foster care in Richmond so he can meet potential adopters and come to our adoption events and be settled in one place until he finds a permanent home. This is one very special boy. Since he is fostering in Richmond now, he will only be placed in a two hour radius of Richmond like all of our other rescues.

Jamie is neutered and micro chipped and up to date on his vetting and on heartworm and flea/tick preventative. He was crated for training purposes when adopted four years ago but has not been used to crating since then. When Chris brought Jamie to our home so we can meet him, I can tell you this is one great Lab. He is very sweet and loving and just a great dog. He will make a wonderful family member.

Here is what Chris has to say about Jamie:
Jamie was originally adopted from the SPCA in Monterey, CA. He was 2 years old and full of spunk and energy, not to mention character; the happiest dog I ever saw. That’s what caught my attention. He was neutered and micro-chipped in CA by the SPCA before being eligible for adoption.

After bringing Jamie home, he had a few rambunctious tendencies, but now sits, lies down, and holds off on treats and food on command. But most important, Jamie is extremely sensitive to his people. He is the friendliest dog you will find and loves people. So, it’s extremely important that anyone who adopts Jamie will want Jamie inside the house with them as much they enjoy taking him outside on trail exploring adventures.

Jamie is now 6 years old and is still full of energy and love for all. He has to be around people. He follows his people around the house, lays at their feet, sits on the couch with them, sleeps at their bed side or on the bed if allowed, plays whenever he his offered the chance, especially excited to go on walks or ride in the car with you, and always enthusiastically greets his people at the door.

Jamie, like all pets, does have areas that a family needs to be aware of. For one, Jamie is large, 90 lbs. Jamie does well with small dogs and cats. In fact, he plays with my cat on a regular basis and the cat plays back. He also had no problems with my other 85 lb Labrador. However, with new dogs he hasn’t met that are about 40 lbs and above, Jamie needs to be introduced slowly or he gets nervous and sometimes snaps at the other dogs, and that of course encourages the other dogs to snap back. That’s something that his people need to be aware of. I have never had a problem getting Jamie into a “doggie daycare” so I can go away on vacation, nor have I kept him from the dog parks. On the contrary, he just needs to be introduced to other dogs of medium size or larger in a controlled fashion. If he is rushed by an excited dog at a dog park or on the street, it will make him uncomfortable sometimes he snaps, but not always. However, once he feels comfortable with another dog, there are no problems and you don’t have to worry.

Some other details to consider before adopting Jamie is that he is not a typical Labrador. For some reason, he does not like water. Whenever I took him to the beach in CA or HI he didn’t like getting in the ocean. I fear something traumatizing happened in the two years before I owned him that made him dislike swimming. Jamie also loves to explore. Unfortunately, he will explore without you if he gets off his leash and gets a good head start. So, Jamie must stay on a leash at all times while walking him. Now, like a good Labrador, Jamie is an excellent fake guard dog. What I mean by this is that Jamie will make intruders, people approaching the door, and even the passing pedestrian on the street wonder what massive dog awaits them behind your door. In other words, he barks at people around the area approaching the house, but not while you’re walking him.

Jamie is a very sweet and gentle Lab and will be a wonderful family member once given time to settle in.