Mona Lisa

Adoption Status: Adopted

Breed: Basenji mix

Size: Medium

Age: Puppy

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: Adoption fee $50 plus a donation of $100 for a total fee of $150.

Mona Lisa is "pretty as a picture". This young pup is just a doll. We are so happy that we now have this girl in the safety of rescue. She was first given away in a parking lot. Although the woman probably had reasonably good intentions, she was then listed on Craigslist as needing a good home but the first person who could get her for $20 was the one.

Mona is a Basenji mix. She has beautiful blue eyes. Everybody says Husky, but we don't think she has any Husky. She doesn't have the temperament, traits, coat, or look of a Husky. In doing some research, we did find out that the Basenji can have blue eyes. The only cases of a pure breed Basenji with blue eyes though, they have one blue eye. And this little gal is a mix, but she is definitely mostly Basenji.

We were told that Mona is five months old. Wednesday, May 23 she goes to the vet for all of her vetting, spay, and micro chip so the vet can help us get a better idea on the age, but she is definitely young.

She is good with women, men, children, dogs, and cats. She has a lovely temperament and learns things very quickly. We are doing crate training to do house training and she is getting it down, but she will need a little more time.