Adoption Status: Adopted

Breed: Chihuahua

Size: Small

Age: Adult

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: Adoption fee $50 plus a donation of $100 for a total of $150

Petey, the world's most perfect Chihuahua, is ready to make some family happy, happy. We cannot say enough good things about this boy. Everybody should meet him and see just how wonderful this breed really is. This picture is his true expression. He is so loving and playful and happy and he makes you feel like you are just the most special person in the world. He would make a wonderful therapy dog.

Petey is five years old and weighs eight pounds. When we rescued Petey from a local animal control we noticed that sometimes he has a limp in the right front paw. When he was neutered we had an x-ray done. Dr. Buck, an orthopedic specialist in Richmond, evaluated the film. At some point Petey suffered an injury and received no treatment for it. The ligaments in the "ankle" area were stretched. Other than a limp sometimes when he plays and runs a lot, the leg gives him no problems. Dr. Buck said that he may have some arthritis in his older years that can be managed with medication.

This little guy is just too wonderful to truly describe in words, so you really need to meet him.