Rachel-November 1998 to February 5, 2013

Adoption Status: Select One

Breed: Husky/Bassett Hound mix

Size: Medium

Age: Senior

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee:

This is Rachel and she has quite a story. Rachel was a young dog (maybe 18 months) when she was picked up and then went to a shelter in Powhatan, VA where they kept her for years and never got her adopted. She was at the same shelter where we took sweet Moses from, the very special Belgian Shepherd mix.

Rachel lived in a shelter on concrete and gravel and the years passed by. The shelter was sold and Rachel was just being boarded at a place near the shelter. What was to be the fate of this very special girl!

Moses had stayed there from six months old until he was eleven years old and ADRATI took him and he lived until fourteen in the comfort of our home. So we went and got Rachel. You should have seen Moses the day Rachel came in. Hey, I remember that chick.

So now Rachel is nine years old and we felt she should go to a home without other animals as she had lived in a shelter for so many years, we just didn't want there to be any issues with another animal family member. After she was with us for a while, instead of trying to find a family to adopt her, we sought a permanent foster home for her where the rescue would continue to provide for her care. At this time she was now eleven years old. It seemed as if we would have Rachel for the rest of her time too and then all of a sudden an adoption form came through. Well, the rest is history as they say.

Here is Rachel on one of the visits that her Uncle Travis made to visit her and her Mom Jo Ann and Rachel is just one of the happiest girls ever. She has a home of her own, a Mom who loves her dearly, and a teenage boy who loves her. She goes for nice long walks and well she is just one of the most special gals ever. Rachel had a one year anniversary with her family over Thanksgiving and now has her second Christmas (2011) with a family of her very own. Merry Christmas Rachel, we love you dearly.