Tally-permanent foster, donations appreciated for her care

Adoption Status: Available

Breed: Lab/Border Collie Mix-our permanent foster girl

Size: Medium

Age: Senior

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: Donations always needed to help us provide for care for Tally.

Update on Tally October 18, 2014: she went in for her annual vet appointment and she checked out just awesome. Her weight is great and all of her tests were good. Dr. Zubowsky wants to know her secret to staying in such tip top condition at age 16, wow! She does have to take Proin daily for incontinence but otherwise she is healthy and active and every once in a while will zoom around the yard, although that doesn't happen too often any more. This is her at her most recent vet appointment.

Tally has not had a chance at a home since we took her from the couple who had her. At one time she was loved by the man who adopted her and then he married and then he had a child and there was no place for Tally any more. This happens a lot. Tally had a lot going against her to find a new family. She is older, she is black, and she isn't good with other animals. Although she loves adults and is such a sweet dog with some of the best manners ever, there has never been another home for her, other than ADRATI. But that is okay. She is loved by us and she has her own room and she hangs out with our family and she has a nice fenced yard to race around in when she wants and goes for walks and has good food and treats and good vet care.

We can always use donations to help us care for Tally. She gets annual vetting, bloodwork, takes Proin daily, is on heartworm and flea/tick preventative, food, and treats and any other care.