Adoption Status: Adopted

Breed: Chihuahua/Terrier (supposed to be Yorkie Terrier)

Size: Small

Age: Puppy

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: adoption fee $50 plus donation $100 for a total fee of $150

Zeke is in a foster home and doing very well. His foster Mom will share additional information about him soon.

Zeke is a Chihuahua Terrier mix. The Terrier part is Yorkie according to the couple who surrendered him. He definitely seems to be a Chi/Terrier mix. He was born March 25, 2011 and currently weighs 7.6 pounds. He will probably max out at 10 pounds or so.

The couple who had him separated and neither took Zeke. He had no vetting done so we have had all of his vetting done, and had him neutered, and micro chipped.

He is not house trained as he has had no consistency in his short lifetime. Once he gets into a normal routine, and crate training can be used to work on house training he should do fine.

He is extremely loving and has a sweet temperament. He is full of life and energy and just loves to run around and play. He is good with dogs of different sizes and also cats.